Stone and Katie

Stone Tickle, 20 years old, born in Birmingham Alabama and raised in Fairhope Alabama, grew up around lots of music, so he was always playing instruments from an early age. His fascination with the rhythm and structure of each song meant that his main instrument quickly became the drumset. This carried on into high school where he joined a Jazz trio that exposed him to completley new ways of thinking about composition. Also around this time, he started experimenting with electronic music and composition. In his freshman year of college, he met Katie Valin and with her formed Rainbloom, a fusion of mellow beats and energetic techno, drawing influence from pop, hip-hop, and jazz. Rainbloom's goal is to push the capabilities of the electronic music medium and to capture a complex musical landscape within every bar.


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Mar 3 2018 (1:38:00) @ Saturn
Jan 19 2018@The Firehouse
Nov 28 2017@DISCO
Oct 19 2017@Saturn
Oct 10 2017@The Firehouse
Apr 2017@The Firehouse
Nov 2016@Masquerade